Version - Church and monks


-New Building: Church

-New Unit: Monk (Buffs units)

-There is now a settings menu in the leveleditor
-You can now change the mouse sensitivity in the leveleditor


-Reduced the archers dmg to 4 (before it was 5)
-Increased the knights dmg to 15 (before it was 10)


-When falling of the edge, the player does now try to spawn in front of the mainbuilding or stockpile
-The player should no longer spawn in the void in multiplayer
-The chat in multiplayer got spammed with wrong messages from other players blacksmith
-Except for player one, other players were able to place glitched trees


Voxel M.R.T. Demo 300 MB
73 days ago
Voxel M.R.T. Windows 176 MB
73 days ago
Voxel M.R.T. MAC 185 MB
73 days ago

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