Version +


-The headless knight does now spawn units to help him
-Changed the camera angle in the angled view
-The angled camera does now rotate around "itself"
-Changed the controlls in the level editor:
-> Rotating camera is now ctrl + move cursor (before it was ctrl + W,A,S,D)
-There is now a way to make the landscape even and remove unnecessary terain easily


-The headless knight had problems attacking
-The text in the lobby was cut off
-Removed the glitched view on the end of the map
-When workers died they had problems fiding a workplace
-The blacksmith got in a teleport loop in some case


Voxel M.R.T. Demo 297 MB
80 days ago
Voxel M.R.T. Windows 175 MB
80 days ago
Voxel M.R.T. MAC 184 MB
80 days ago

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